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Elastomeric Stucco Coating

Information About Elastomeric Stucco Coatings

Are you searching for more Information About Elastomeric Stucco Coatings in Albuquerque, New Mexico? As a local painting expert, we proudly offer a number of options when it comes to stucco repair and maintenance. One of our most popular products is an Elastomeric Stucco Coating.

You will find this stucco paint is extremely thick and durable, allowing your stucco more room to expand and contract without cracking. And, because we can tint elastomeric stucco coatings, there is almost no limit to your color palette options. From residential properties and single family homes, to apartment complexes, hotels and commercial shopping centers, no job is too big or small.

Call the professionals at Octavio’s Painting Company for a free estimate on any stucco painting or repair project and ask about Elastomeric Coatings. In addition to being more affordable than traditional stucco, this coating creates an extra barrier against moisture, mildew and dirt. Consequently, your home benefits with increased waterproofing and an superior finish.

Affordable Ways To Repair Cracked And Damaged Stucco

Because Elastomeric Stucco Paint can help prevent water from penetrating your building’s interior, it is one of the best ways to prevent cracking and weather damage. And, because an elastomeric coating is much thicker than traditional acrylic paint, it is expected to last longer and provide more protection against wind, water and UV rays.

Consequently, applying an elastomeric stucco paint will typically outlast any standard house paint and offer a more comprehensive coverage to the property. While this type of house paint will not work on every home, it tends to be one of the most cost effective ways to fix cracked or damaged stucco. And, because the composite of Elastomeric Paint is so durable it can last up to ten years or longer if properly maintained.

If you are researching options to re-stucco your home, consider getting a quote for Elastomeric Coatings. In addition to saving thousands of dollars on stucco repair, you also have many more color options. And because we are a locally owned and operated contractor, you always get the best prices guaranteed! Octavio’s Painting Company, now serving the greater Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe areas.

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