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Request a free quote for Exterior Wood Stain and keep your home looking new! Because wood stain and clear coat help preserve the grain of your timber, it is highly recommended for Southwest style homes. In addition to protecting against rain and ice, exterior stain also helps to protect from sun damage. Ask about a UV clear coat and add years to the life of your home.

Furthermore, once you apply exterior wood stain there will be a noticeable difference and more attractive color. Combined with longevity and weather resistant properties, exterior stain is a solid investment in your home. So, keep your wood from fading and losing color with an application of UV Stain or Clear Coat.

Because wood staining can be a time consuming process, we strongly suggest hiring us. Like many DIY projects, wood staining is more complicated than it appears on YouTube. In addition to the vapors and hours of work, it can be difficult to get an even coating. Consequently, we have a team of contractors that specializes in Exterior Wood Stain and will guarantee a professional job every time.

Information About Exterior Stain For Southwest Style Homes

In fact, we back everything we do at Octavio’s Painting with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. By the same token, we are proud to offer a full list of additional home repair services. After all, we are the number one rated home repair and renovation company in Albuquerque. So, go ahead and click here to learn more. Or, call our offices today for a free estimate on any residential or commercial staining project!

While stain typically is applied to Decks, Fences, Woodwork or Floors, we also have an interior options upon request. With this in mind, please keep us in mind for cabinets, antique furniture and interior wood features found in Southwest style homes. Significantly increase the perceived value of your home with wood staining from Octavio’s Painting.

Lastly, we want to remind everyone that we are a locally owned and operated business. In addition to serving Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, we also service Placitas and Corrales. For a free quote, please click here or call our office directly. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are practicing additional safeguards to keep you and our employees safe. As a result, you can now make contactless payments and request estimates online.

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