Elastomeric Coatings are 4-5 times thicker than standard paints, and are perfect for filling and sealing porous surfaces like stucco. If you want to maintain the attractive appearance of your exterior paint, elastomeric weatherproof coating is the best way to extend the lifespan of your new paint job.

Octavio’s Painting Company provides commercial and residential elastomeric coatings. Protect your masonry, stucco and wood trim with a professional elastomeric coating.

Searching for a way to keep your stucco beautiful? We provide elastomeric coatings for stucco that acts as waterproofing for the exterior of your home or business. With elastomeric coatings, you get a finish that looks like paint, but is much thicker, protecting the appearance of your exterior for years to come. Elastomeric Coatings are especially useful in buildings that have had problems with water penetration or cracking. 

Why get elastomeric coatings for your roof? Elastomeric coatings are energy saving, reflecting the sun like a mirror so you spend less on your utility bills. Elastomeric roof coatings work best on flat roofs and are great for metal roofs, although they can be applied to any roof structure. Find out why elastomeric roof coatings are worth the investment and contact us to speak with an experienced painting contractor in Albuquerque.

Because our coatings allow the substrate to crack up to 1/8 inch without any changes to the visual appearance of your paint. And remember, we provide both residential and commercial, elastomeric coatings.