Get Ready For Monsoon Season In ABQ

Monsoon Rains Painting Sale Albuquerque NM

Get Ready For Monsoon Season In ABQ

Get ready for Monsoon Season in ABQ. Because when it rains in Albuquerque New Mexico, it pours! In the first place, the Monsoon Rain Season in New Mexico doesn’t last very long. However, when it does rain, we tend to get a lot of water all at once.

Due to the extreme fluctuations in hot and cold temperatures, materials in desert homes are subject to increased expanding and contracting. While this isn’t always a bad thing, the extreme weather can cause cracks in stucco which may lead to more extensive water damage if not properly taken care of.

Actually, it is extremely important that you call at the first sign of water damage and identify the problem early. Besides documenting the leak, it also give us an opportunity to check for more substantial damage. In fact, taking care of water damage early on can save you thousands of dollars in home repairs.

Get Ready For The Monsoon Rain In Albuquerque

To tell the truth, many people wait until it is too late. While we are happy to repair anything you need, we strongly suggest preventative maintenance to protect your investment. From drywall repair and emergency roofing services to touchup paint and wood staining, we are the most professional painting company in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Subsequently, we are now offering free, onsite inspections to help assure your home is ready for the monsoon rains. Don’t let another season go by without getting your home checked for water damage. As previously stated, a few minutes of your time could potentially save you thousands of dollars in home repairs and maintenance.

Incidentally, our sister company Powerhouse Contracting can also help you file an insurance claim for extreme storm damage. Click here to read more. Or, contact the team at Octavio’s Painting Company for more information about waterproofing your home.

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